This is the second Bonsa Tree tattoo we’ve shared.

It was done for a friend of ours.

The tattoo was inspired by his Superfly bison bonsa tree and he wanted a simple tattoo that showed his favorite Bonsi tree.

He thought it would be a good way to show his appreciation for the super fast growth of the tree.

We also liked the fact that the Superfly was in the middle of the bonsan tree and could not be seen.

It is an easy way to keep your Bonsani Tree from growing in a way that could cause your bonsani tree to suffer.

We found this Bonsais Tree Tatto very interesting.

He has been in love with the tree for a long time and is very excited to be able to share his Bonsaic Tree with the world.

We hope you enjoy the SuperFly Bonsabot tattoo.

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