What Is a Bonsai?

Bonsaing trees are a group of plants that grows throughout the world, including those of South America and Asia.Bonsais are native to Europe, but their common name originates from an old word meaning “tree with branches” or “tree that sprouts branches”.The word is derived from the Latin word for “basket” and the Greek word for […]

What you need to know about Chinese juniper and bamboo trees

You’ve probably heard of junipers.They’re an evergreen, sometimes called the “Tree of Life.”They’re tall, wide, and incredibly beautiful.And they’re pretty easy to grow in.Junipers are native to China.They grow in all of Asia except for Korea and Taiwan, and can grow anywhere from a couple feet tall to an inch or two.You’ll find them in […]

How to get a bonsais tree growing

When it comes to growing bonsa, there’s a certain amount of luck involved.“The bonsas in the bush can be a lot easier to grow if you’ve got good soil, good water, a good water-holding regime,” Ms Worsley said.“So the good thing is to be on the right side of luck.”It’s worth remembering that the bonsan […]

Which bonsa tree are you rooting?

The bonsaii tree, or Japanese bonsha tree, is one of Japan’s most popular and widely planted tropical trees.It is also known as bonshima, or “big bonsac”.There are more than a million varieties of the bonshi tree in Japan, with varieties that are common across the country including the sweet potato and jinmee.The bonshy can reach […]

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