A budding flower is growing in a tree on a bonsa tree in China.ABC News has learned that the bonsan tree was planted by a farmer in the town of Baoyan, in Yunnan province.

“It’s been growing for some time and we’re going to do something special,” the owner of the bough, Liu Feng, told ABC News.

“This tree will be able to provide a lot of food to the town.”

Mr Liu said the tree was only about 4 metres tall, but it had already grown to 40 metres in diameter.

“We are expecting a huge harvest,” he said.

“I want to plant the tree with the help of my father who’s a farmer.”

He’s been in agriculture for 30 years.

He said it’s been good for us.

“The tree, known as a fig bonai, is the only one that grows to that size in the area.ABC/wiresTopics:plant-and-fungi,business-economics-and,environment,yunnan,china