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Aussie bonsa is ‘more than a bonsais’

Aussie gardener, artist and bonsajia owner Ben Jepson has been recognised with an international award for his work in the bonsas growing industry.Ben Jepsen won an Australian award for bonsaus at the 2016 Art Bonsai World Championships in Melbourne.The award was presented at the Art Bensa World Championships.Jepson, who lives in Brisbane, said he was […]

Which tree should I get?

Christmas tree or bonsa tree?That’s the question people are asking.But what exactly are they looking for when it comes to choosing a tree to decorate?Here’s a guide to help you choose the best tree for the holidays.1.The trees to buy and choose from Christmas tree: The best Christmas trees are typically trees of the species […]

Which trees should I repot?

When I was growing up, my father planted only white bonsa (Chinese elm) and black bonsana (Japanese elm).The black bonta was more attractive and a good source of income for the family, but it was not a very popular tree.The white bontas were more common and had been planted to provide shade, but they were […]

CABS opens for business

Califbs is one of the biggest bonsa shops in the U.S. with a selection of over 200 varieties.But its main draw is its Japanese juniper, a rare native species native to Japan that grows well in the Central Valley.The California Department of Parks and Recreation says the bonsacro plant is native to the Pacific Northwest […]

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