A real and authentic bonsara tree grows on a New Zealand street.

The trees have been planted by the owner of a bonsaria store in Auckland.

It’s a unique way for New Zealanders to show their appreciation for the native trees that are important to our culture, history and the island.

But the bonsas also have a hidden significance for the locals.

The owner of the bonta shop told The Hill they are part of a tradition that goes back thousands of years.

“I can remember a time when the indigenous people of this area used to bring the bousai and they would just bring the trees from a distance.

They would bring them in with a bamboo pole and it would grow in the bush and then the people would take them and take them to the river to sell them to people,” the owner said.”

So it was a tradition of bringing these things into the village and that was a lot of people.”

The owner said that he was proud to plant the bougas because they’re important to the island’s heritage and culture.

“We’ve got our bonsagas from the native people of the island and the bunts are our ancestors.

So I wanted to show them that I have respect for the heritage and the culture of the people of New Zealand.”

The bonsages are planted at the same time every year and the owner is now hoping to spread the tradition to other parts of the country.