Live bonsaus are becoming increasingly common in Georgia, with many homeowners now finding their way to one.

The Georgia Bonsai Society, a nonprofit organization that encourages the growth of bonsais in Georgia’s wild, is encouraging homeowners to plant one of its trees on their property.

The tree will then be able to live for the rest of its life on the property.

Georgia Bonsa Bonsaii Tree planted in the living room of a house in Georgia.

“When you see this tree being planted in your living room, it means you’re doing something right,” said David K. Hogg, a board member of the Georgia Bonasai Society.

“If you do something right, and you don’t miss it, it’s a blessing.”

Georgia’s wild bonsas are now able to flourish, and some have even been known to survive the winter.

The Georgia Bontasai Club hopes to see more living bonsajis on the landscape and in homes.

Bonsa trees grow in a variety of environments.

In Georgia, the bonsaw trees are used to grow a variety